Culture Scorecard

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Culture Score Card ®


A qualitative risk assessment model to evaluate critical success factors in cultural-, design-, destination and social projects. To be used in a creative (disruptive?) dialogue with your colleagues and/or business partners.


The first step before presenting any idea further – or even thinking of launching your project (especially in fundraising or sponsor-campaigns) - is a test with Culture Score Card.


Visit our web page:, read the instructions carefully and get a free trial for 7 days (light version) - or get the full version by paying 50 EU per user per year - and test unlimited projects.


You may scan your project in 30 minutes – or use a half day in a workshop. But let us give you an advice how to use the tool best, so…


…if you have any questions or need support, facilitation or workshop:

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• International Edition in 4 languages (English, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish) :

• We welcome professional users and new distributors of Culture Score Card

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